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Hey, Hello!

My name is Laurens. Back in 2014, local authorities hired me to do a very specific task: promote the port of Antwerp. I quickly found out that transforming a great idea into a fully developed concept involves a lot of risk, more than my employer was up for.

So I started my own business called HeyHello, with the specific ambition to tell a great audience about the port of Antwerp in a novel way. The concept of my Antwerp Port Tours involved getting a loan, buying a bus and 41 iPads, getting my driver's license and developing a new app, which was a calculated gamble. Luckily for me, this tour has become a great success with nothing but positive reviews.

Today I still guide tours myself, but with my newfound firsthand experience I am now focussed on what HeyHello really is about: creating great multimedia tours

Best regards, 
Laurens Van Lieshout
Ideas are highly, highly overvalued,
execution is all that matters.
We agree with this quote from Casey Neistat.
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Tour Development

We can create and execute a brand new concept, or update an existing tour. Need advise for which hardware to use or do you need help with creating your story? We can help. 

Our multimedia touring app is built on firsthand field experience. +10.000 users approve with its value and strength for every tour. 
 Touring App 

Are you looking for a specific and customized application to support your tour, but can't find what you're looking for? We know your business and can develop it for you.
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